Which Hydropool is right for you?

Our Hydropool Hot Tubs provide a wide range of size and style choices, as well as two distinct lines; Self-Cleaning, and Serenity.


Hydropool flagship range.

State of the art, ergonomic, design.

Self-Cleaning Technology

Automated Hydrotherapy.

Energy Efficient HydroWise Thermal Shield


Designed and engineered for performance.

Built to Hydropool Standard

Work, play, and sleep better.

Clean and Clear Micro Filter

Energy Efficient HydroWise Thermal Shield

Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tubs provide in-depth filtration customization, built-in chemical dosing, and filter 100% of the water within 15 minutes providing peace of mind, and time saved to do that which matters most. Relax.

All the features of a high-quality hot tub elevated to the Hydropool Standard. The Serenity range provides the luxury of ergonomic seating, high-end filtration, and wellness therapy. Energy-efficient, sleek in style.