Ergonomic Seating

Exceeding your expectations with superior ergonomic design. All seating is designed for full body support and comfort.

Recessed Jetting

Hydropool’s unique Science of Immersion hydrotherapy system adds the final touch, massaging every inch of your body.

Never Float Lounger

Soft, comfortable pillows gently support your head and neck while our wide lumbar support seats cradle your body.

Multi-Level Seating

The wide variety of deep bucket seats, higher cool down seats, comfortable bench seats and body form loungers gives everyone a seat of choice.

Large Footwells

Extra large foot wells allow you to stretch out, relax and enjoy.

Convenient Ice Bucket

Built-in luxury to help you unwind.

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Hydroclean Jets

The design of our seating and the strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water, pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer and boosting the efficiency of our Self-Cleaning system.

Hydroclean Floor Vacuum

Watercare products are more effectively circulated, and no need to vacuum the hot tub as heavy contamination such as dirt and grit is removed.

Pressurised Micro-Filtration

Cleans 100% of the water in 15 minutes.
New dual core filter with Microban increases filtration. Our micro-filtration systems are odorless and easy to access.

High Flow Skimmer & Pre-Filter

Removes floating debris and oils, preventing clogging of the pump and heater, and increases filtration by moving debris into the pre-filter, extending micro-filter cleaning cycles.

Self Cleaning Indicator

Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs and swim spas feature a worry-free indicator to ensure that both the Self-Cleaning and Eco-heat Exchange systems are active, reassuring you and your family of our Safe Water Guarantee.

Customise Your Watercare

Our hot tubs and swim spas feature salt water technology, as well as our EZ Aquazure Mineral Watercare and EZWatercare systems.

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Hydropool Self Clean Standard Features

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