Self Cleaning Options & Upgrades

HydroFlex Air Therapy

This Hot Tub massage System is designed to offer you a privileged moment where up to 10,000 perfectly aimed heated air bubbles apply ideal pressure to provide you with an encompassing therapeutic massage.


DreamScents injects just the right amount of aromatherapy Essential Oils into your Self-Cleaning Hot Tub. The Essential Oils are available in a wide variety of pleasing and stimulating scents from your Hydropool Retailer.

Cascading HydroFalls

*only available with Northern Falls Package

3 HydroFall fountains directed into the hot tub, backlit by colour sequencing LED lights. An even more relaxing experience of a Hydropool hot tub.

Two Premium HydroFall Pillows

Two HydroFall Pillows, located two seats or seat + lounger depending on your hot tub model. 

HydroFall Pillows provide a relaxing flow of water over the neck and back, to help deepen your state of relaxation.

Backlit when ordered with lighting upgrade.

HydroSequence Massage

The HydroSequence Massage is a Hydrotherapy seat with 8 jets that pulsates in sequence allowing the hot tub user to experience a hydrotherapy massage like no other.

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Northern Lights

This upgrade to LED lights offers strategically placed lighting that illuminates all of the top mounted control valves.  They are brilliantly colored and sequence through a range of colors when turned on or be locked on to one preferred color. These lights are also complemented by LED lights that illuminate the waterfall jet(s) discreetly from behind.

Deluxe LED & Garden FX Lighting

All Hydropool Self-Cleaning and Serenity Hot Tubs have the option to include 3 extra lights inside the hot tub, as well as lights placed around the cabinet to illuminate the steps and surrounding four corners of the hot tub.

HydroTher Control & Wellness Programs

*only available with HydroTher Package

With the addition of the Hydrother Package in your Self-Cleaning Hot Tub you now have access to specific preprogrammed massage regimens that provide relief for back pain, cellulite, digestive issues, sports injury recovery, headaches, insomnia and stress.

EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System

When mixed with water ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that assists in removing unwanted contaminants from the swim spa water.

EZ Ultra Pure Salt Water Bromine System

Provides unsurpassed ease and convenience in hot tub water sanitation. The system results in automatic crystal clean water and reduces the amount of work required to maintain your swim spa making the world’s easiest swim spa to maintain just that much easier.

HydroSurround Sound System

Hydropool’s Surround Sound includes a waterproof Radio/MP3/Bluetooth input for downloadable music storage. With 180 watts total power and custom EQ. Also includes a powerful 100W amplifier, 2 marine grade premium 3-way pop-up HydroSurround Sound speakers and a powerful sub woofer


The Smart Phone App that is designed as a wireless hot tub control which allows you to pick the water care settings that fits your schedule, adjust filtration and temperature settings and create the ideal hot tub experience from inside your home, or with the additional app anywhere in the world.

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