Self Cleaning

Hot Tubs

Hydropool's patented Self-Cleaning System is designed to reduce the time and effort out of caring for your hot tub, allowing you to use it for what matters most: relaxing.


The pressurised system cleans 100% of your hot tubs water in just 15 minutes, filtering through a 75 sq ft, removable core micro-filter. The surface skimmer removes debris from the top of the water, while Hydropool's unique floor vacuum takes care of heavier particles that fall to the bottom of the spa.

The new HydroClear Pure Water System allows the added benefit of both UV and Ozone water purification, reducing the necessity for chemical water treatment.

Hydropool Hot Tub 395

Hydropool 395

Hydropool Hot Tub 495

Hydropool 495

Hydropool 570

Hydropool Hot Tub 570

Hydropool 670

Hydropool Hot Tub 670

Hydropool 695

Hydropool 720

Hydropool Hot Tub 720

Hydropool 790

Hydropool Hot Tub 790

Hydropool 770

Hydropool Hot Tub 770

Hydropool 790

Not just a hot tub...

Hydropool Manchester are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your new hot tub and the space it's in, working with you every step of the way, from installation to aftercare...

Advanced Hot Tub Sanitising

The all-new Pure Water System takes the Self-Cleaning name to the next level.

The unique combination of UV and Ozone creates an aditional mix of Active Oxygen in your water, giving you three-in-one protection against 99.9% of contaminants and waterbourne pathogens.

Reducing chemical usage by more than 50%