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Serenity 6900

This 6 person hot tub with a full-body lounge has 51 all active therapy jets that target all areas of your back, shoulders, lower body and feet for a massaging hydrotherapy experience. The Hydropool Serenity 6900 hot tub is a roomy lounge spa that doesn't take up too much space. With seating for 6 and a dedicated anti-slip step inside, it is the perfect hot tub to enjoy with the family or some peaceful time alone.


All Serenity hot tubs come standard with the AquaBlade WaterFall feature, Moon Lighting system which showcases LED corner lighting outside and illuminates the seating area inside, and our WeatherSeal cabinet to provide next level energy efficiency with easy removable panels.





Seating Design

Spacious with Lounger

Energy Efficiency


Shell Options

Alpine Mist

Pure White

Tuscan Sun

Silver Marble

Black Opal

Midnight Canyon

Cabinet Options

Harbour Grey


91.44cm Deep Model Specs.

Outer Dimensions: 231 x 231 x 91.44

Volume: 1,624L

Weight Full: 1,915kg

Additional Features and Upgrades
with Our Serenity Collection

Moon Lighting Cabinet Corner Lighting

This LED lighting system illuminates the surroundings and details of the spa's exterior. Bright LED lights sequence through blue, green, and red. The interior LED lights illuminate the seating area and cycle through colours, or can be set on a single colour.

AquaBlade Waterfall Feature

Two pop-up waterfall jets that create a beautiful cascading blade of water into your Serenity Hot Tub. These also light-up in conjunction with the Moon Lighting feature and sequence thought blue, green, and red colourations or can stay set on your choice.

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PureWater UVC: The Cleanest Water Possible

How We Do It:
1. Micro Cell Ozone Purification: The water in your hot tub continuously passes through the patented MicroCell that treats it with Ozone, which is nature’s oxidiser. This simple, but highly effective rapid oxidation process reduces chemical usage by More than 50%.

2. Exposure to UVC Light: The Ozone treated water then passes through an ultraviolet light Chamber exposing it to a high volume of UVC light, purifying it even further.

This combination of advanced purification using UV and Ozone creates active oxygen in the PureWater System which removes any Calcium and Biofilm inside pipes. All of this reduces the need to shock your hot tub water as the PureWater System eliminates 99% of all contaminants. Our PureWater system is on when your hot tub is circulating and our Quick Diagnostics shows everything is in working order. That means it’s time to sit back and relax.

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