The Hydropool Serenity range raises the bar.

All the benefits of a hot tub, made with the quality, features, and attention to detail of other Hydropool Spas.

Ergonomic and spacious seating allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the warm water, fully submerging your body from your feet to your shoulders. Evergreen High Flow - Low Energy pumps give you the best massage on the market, with specifically placed jets to ensure every muscle in your legs and back get the attention they need.

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ClearSpring Filtration System


A brand new filtration design for Hydropool's Serenity Range:

- Ultra Flow Grill: Allows the maximum flow of water, quickly removing debris from your hot tub.

- Wave Filter Design: Unique design maximises the surface area and captures debris more efficiently.

Non-Slip Matting


Ergonomic Soft Matting increases grip when entering and exiting the hot tub. 

These mats also provide a comfortable anti-fatigue matting in the footwell, making sure you'll be relaxed from head to toe.

Digital Controls - Custom Filtration


Program your filtration, set your temperature, and away you go!

Your Hydropool hot tub will filter as and when you need it. Set your times and your preferred temperature and your Hydropool will care for itself. 

Minimal maintenance, giving you time to relax. 

WeatherSeal Insulation System


The new three point WeatherSeal Insulation System, designed for the coldest Canadian winters, goes above and beyond for the UK climate, saving on running costs.

HydroWise Thermal Shield (see the video)

Brand New WeatherSeal Cabinet

HydroWise Hard Cover as standard

Ergonomic, Multi-Level Seating


Hydropool's new Serenity range has been completely redesigned, to guarantee a seat for everybody, no matter their size.


Our deep tissue jet design are grouped to work various muscle groups, while the mold of each seat helps support the rest of your body structure, removing stress from muscles and joints.


Waterblade Fountains


The sound of flowing water, while you relax in the warm water of your new serenity hot tub, what could be better?

Two Waterblade Fountains included as standard, to elevate your Hydropool experience.

Love a Lounger?

The Serenity Range offers all-seater models, for a more social space.

But if you're looking to relax, a lounger may be for you!

Choose your seating arrangement, number of pumps, shell and cabinet colour, and upgrades!

Our Serenity hot tubs can be made to order!

Serenity 5900 in Silver Marble

The Serenity Range


Hydropool 6800

- 6 Seats

- 41 Jets

- 217 x 217 x 91 cm

2 Pump


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Hydropool 6600

- 6 Seats

- 32 Jets

- 203 x 203 x 91 cm

Single Pump


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Hydropool 4300

- 3 Seats + 1 Lounger

- 31 Jets

- 215 x 157 x 86 cm

Single Pump Configuration

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Hydropool 4500

- 3 Seats + 1 Lounger

- 34 Jets

- 203 x 203 x 91 cm

Single Pump Configuration

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Hydropool 5900

- 4 Seats + 1 Lounger

- 41 Jets

- 217 x 217 x 91 cm

2 Pump

Classic Range

4L Special Edition

5L Special Edition

Not just a hot tub...

Hydropool Manchester are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your new hot tub and the space it's in, working with you every step of the way, from installation to aftercare...

HydroWise Thermal Shield

Hydropool Hot Tubs are designed and manufactured in Canada, built to withstand the coldest of winters. The HydroWise Thermal Shield used makes a Hydropool the ideal hot tub for British weather, keeping the heat in, and the costs down...


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