Serenity Options & Upgrades

Deluxe LED & Garden FX Lighting

All Hydropool Self-Cleaning and Serenity Hot Tubs have the option to include 3 extra lights inside the hot tub, as well as lights placed around the cabinet to illuminate the steps and surrounding four corners of the hot tub.

Serenity Falls

*only available on StarFall Package

The Serenity Water Fall provides the soothing sound of cascading water & adds an element of visual attraction to dramatically enhance your hot tub experience.

Star Lights

*only available on StarFalls Package

This upgrade offers LED lights that illuminate the corners of the hot tub. They are brilliantly coloured and when turned on can be locked on one preferred colour. When Serenity Falls are chosen, the Star Lights will illuminate the falls as they cascade into the hot tub.

EZ Ultra Pure Salt Water System

Provides unsurpassed ease and

convenience in hot tub water


The system results in automatic

crystal clean water and reduces the

amount of work required to maintain

your hot tub making the world’s

easiest hot tub to maintain just that

much easier.

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Serenity Audio

Hydropool’s HydroTunes MP3 sound system includes a waterproof MP3 docking station, AM/FM Tuner and two Speakers.

HydroFlex Air Therapy

This Hot Tub massage System is designed to offer you a privileged moment where up to 10,000 perfectly aimed heated air bubbles apply ideal pressure to provide you with an encompassing therapeutic massage.

EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System

When mixed with water ozone is a

highly effective oxidizer that assists

in removing unwanted contaminants

from the hot tub water.

Automatic Chemical Feeder

After the hot tub water is treated

with ozone, the water is then treated

with chlorine or bromine.

This ensures that the bathers are

fully protected and that the hot tub

water is safe and bacteria-free.

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