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Aquatic Swim Spas




Pure Water System

Energy Efficiency


Live Your Life Aquatic. Your Perfect Backyard Aquatic Centre
The ideal universal aquatic gym for the everyday athlete. The Aquatic Collection has a generous streamlined swim tank area and a flat ergonomically designed anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness exercises. Plus you can create the perfect training environment through personalized water temperature settings. The intensity of your workout is controlled by the speed of your movements and the velocity of the current. Additionally, the swim spa is a safe and easy environment in which to teach kids how to swim. It includes our patented aqua channel shell complete loop design, along with the slipstream swim jet technology to provide a smooth and comfortable swim current with no backsplash.

The Aquatic AquaTrainer Swim Spa is the perfect way to swim every day. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall. Our swim current gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level. The Aquatic Series also provides great seating flexibility and options to further enjoy this swim spa with family and friends.

Why Buy an Aquatic Collection Swim Spa?

Pump Design Produces a Strong Current: Two 5hp AquaBoost Pumps and one 4 hp Buoyancy Pump all located under the Aquatic Trainer’s swim jets.

Hydraulics Produce a Smoother Current: 2.5-inch intake and returns produce more volume of water. Combined with the use of a unique sweep 90° elbows produce a higher volume of water.

V-Twin Jets Technology Produce a Turbulence-Free Swim: Patented V-Twin jet technology supercharges the swim current, producing over 1,400 gallons per minute. The highest volume in the industry and produces a wider, deeper and smoother current more than any other swim system on the market. These swim jets are also backlit to light the swim current.

Programmable AquaPro/AX Control provides two Users Programs and two Preset Programs; Hill Climb & Interval Program. The swim current ranges from Zero to 10 kph (0 – 6.2 mph) with ten-speed levels. The control also tracks your Calories, Time, Distance, Speed and provides visual motivation for the swimmer. The control is adjustable to the level of any swimmer from the novice to the triathlete.

AquaChannel Shell with Performance Flow Intakes: Shell hips are designed to create an eddy in the seating area. Then the Performance Flow Intakes eliminate any reflective wave to help keep the swimmer in the swim lane. The Aquatic Swim Spa Shell design has one of the largest unobstructed swim tank in the industry. The shell also includes Hip Jets that stabilise the swimmer in the swim lane.

Form Goggles

FORM® Swim Goggles
The Coach That Swims With You!

Wearable Technology: The ability to track your swim is right in front of your eyes!

Swim Smarter Train Harder!

FORM® Swim Goggles can show an array of metrics including your split times to your distance and have over 16 hours of swim time in their battery life. So what does that mean for you the swimmer?​


It’s like having your Fitness Coach swim with you. FORM Smart Swim Goggles with their optical display shows you your time, distance and pace in real time metrics. Thus allowing you to measure, track and customise your workouts on the app.

How FORM® Swim Goggles work?

These Swim Goggles were developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches; they are the only goggles built with a see-through real-time display that can be viewed by your left or the right eye, depending on your preference.

Bring even more purpose and meaning to your at-home swims with our connected Swim Spa experience and swim with our patented display and optics connected to your swim spa to see your real-time swim metrics like time and pace and analyse your calories burned.

Additional Upgrades to Our Aquatic Collection

Insulated Hard Cover 

Made from durable marine grade vinyl. Installed in the closed position, it completely seals the top of the swim spa for improved energy efficiency.

It also locks, which keeps curious children and pets out for improved safety and security. 

Rollaway Spa Cover 

One-piece cover that creates a complete seal on top of the swim spa; locking in the heat, lowering energy consumption and cost. This design enables one person to roll the cover off the swim spa in less than a minute, providing immediate access to the swim spa. 

Floating Summer Cover

A low profile cover that keeps your swim spa warm and ready for usage while still conserving energy. It stays secure to prevent unwanted debris from entering your swim spa. Perfect for indoor swim spas!

The World’s Only
Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

Effortless Cleanliness: Our system filters 100% of the water every 40 minutes.

Strategic Design: Sculpted seating and precisely placed jets create a powerful water flow, effortlessly channeling debris towards the high-flow skimmer. 

Multi-stage Filtration: The wide-mouth skimmer and pre-filter captures leaves, oils, and other floaters, preventing them from clogging your pump and heater.

Ultimate Floor Cleaning: The HydroClean Floor Vacuum effortlessly pulls dirt and debris towards the filter. With effective water circulation, your water care products work even better, meaning less chemicals and more peace of mind.

Innovation, not just a gimmick: This multi-faceted system is designed for seamless cleaning. Every element, from seating to skimmer, works together to give you the cleanest, most hassle-free hot tub experience.

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