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Health Benefits of Hydropool Hot Tubs

Time to Reconnect
Let’s face it. Life gets busier and more demanding each day; it seems you never have time to rest. Imagine your own personal getaway; a place where you can relax, meditate and enjoy quiet times alone, with family or with friends. Feel the stress and tension seep out of your body as you sit back, stretch out and let the combination of warm water, pulsating jets and the natural buoyancy of the water do its magic.

Soothe Those Tired, Aching Muscles
The heat of your Hydropool hot tub results in collagen tissue becoming more flexible, benefiting many people with arthritic symptoms. Doctors have advised people with arthritis that soaking in warm water several times a day relaxes muscles and joints and helps induce a restful sleep. The resulting stress and muscle tension relief has also led many migraine sufferers to claim that hot tub use reduces the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Relax and Sleep Better
Heat improves blood circulation, provides tension relief, and quicker lactic acid removal all of which results in a comforting state of relaxation and tranquility, assisting you to sleep better at night.

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What Makes Hydropool Unique?

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Health Benefits of a Swim Spa

Overview of Hydropool's Integrated Wellness Programs

At the touch of a button on your Self-Cleaning Hydropool Hot Tub, you can activate the program that suits your needs best. These programs take the guesswork out  of using Zone Therapy and giving you more time to relax and heal.

Types of Hot Tub Massage

Hot Tub Zone Therapy & Benefits

Experience the world beneath the surface of your Hydropool hot tub. Backed by cutting-edge science, our Zone Therapy goes beyond a simple soak. It's your personalized roadmap to well-being, designed to address your unique needs.


We understand everyone responds differently to hydrotherapy. That's why we've created a clear guide to the four key zones within your hot tub. Each zone targets specific areas of your body, offering targeted massage experiences to optimize your relaxation and rejuvenation.

Zone 1 Core Zone

Paravertebral muscles.


Vertebral (your spine) fatigue can contribute to headaches. Zone Therapy is designed to release tension in your dorsal muscles which can help to relax around your vertebrae. 

Zone 2 Overall Body

Leg and lumbar muscles.

 This zone helps to promote improved circulation in lower parts of the body which allows for increased blood flow & lightens legs. 

Zone 3 Upper Body Zone

Upper back, neck & shoulder muscles.


This zone eliminates tension in trapezoid muscles and neck, specifically releasing tensions in solar plex area. 

Zone 4 Reflexology

Foot arch muscles.


With our feet playing such a critical role in our overall physical health, and taking the brunt of most sportsplay, this zone is designed to deeply massage the small venous areas in your foot arch. 

Hydropool's 4 Aspects of Zone Therapy

1. Jet Placement
Our hydrotherapy jets are specifically designed for each zone so that the superior benefits of hydrotherapy are achieved. Different jet patterns are designed to work different muscle groups.

2. Duration in Seat
The last component of Zone Therapy is the duration of time that a person spends in each seat of the hot tub. Duration in seat combined with the sequence of seats

is critical to the performance of Zone Therapy.

3. Type of Jets
The type of jet is crucial to a proper massage. Our E55 Jet is designed purposely for a deep tissue massage and our E40 Jet is designed for a gentle massage.

4. Seating Designed Around You
Designed to work with your body’s natural structure and functions to provide maximum comfort and functionality, our ergonomic seats support the skeletal structure so that the muscular system doesn’t have to. It removes stress from muscles and joints so that the body relaxes.

Health Benefits of Hydropool Swim Spas

Cardio at its Best
Swimming provides an effective workout plan that gets the heart going – it’s good for both weight loss and for improving cardiovascular function.

Exercise Without Impact
Unlike running or walking, there is no impact on the joints, which is important for those who may be severely overweight or those with joint pain.

Soothe Those Muscles + Relax

A Hydropool swim spa is an opportunity for you to get an intense workout right from your pool. However, a swim spa offers other added benefits that a traditional pool may not offer, not just exercise related – in fact, this can be the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Safety First

Hydropool swim spas are safe for all ages. With adult supervision, the kids will enjoy splashing around in the pool or building their swimming skills. It is also a good option for those who want just to have a place for the kids to cool down in the hot summer months.

Hot Tub or Swim Spa, What’s The Difference?

Swim Spas are primarily designed for fitness or rehabilitation and, as the name implies, allow the user to swim. Much like a treadmill, a swim spa keeps the swimmer stationary in the water as they swim against a constant current provided by powerful jets. You can also use a swim spa as an alternative to a traditional pool, for relaxation and family fun. Due to the size and structure of a swim spa they are much more energy efficient than a standard pool, while providing all of the same benefits. Compared to hot tubs, swim spas are usually kept at cooler temperatures, between 24-35°C. Hot tubs, on the other hand, are usually kept between 36-40°C.


Hydropool Hot Tubs are aimed at relaxation and recovery, with features crafted to deliver exceptional hydrotherapy massages at the push of a button. With some models boasting fully automated wellness programs, which guide you through the optimum massage sequence for your ache or ailment. 

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