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Find Your Perfect Hot Tub

Hydropool North West Offers 4 Luxury Affordable Hot Tub Collections!

Signature Self-Cleaning, Serenity, Classic, and Dream Maker

Our Signature Self-Cleaning Collection provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort and massage.
Our Serenity Collection features sleek lines and a stunning cabinet.
The Classic Collection spotlights affordably priced luxury and timeless style.

The Dream Maker Collection is our most affordable range, with plug and play options.

Signature Self-Cleaning Collection

Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tubs provide in-depth filtration customisation, built-in chemical dosing, and filter 100% of the water within 15 minutes. Use the time saved to do that which matters most. Relax.

Serenity Collection

All the features of a high-quality hot tub elevated to the Hydropool Standard. The Serenity range provides the luxury of ergonomic seating, high-end filtration, and wellness therapy. Energy-efficient, sleek in style.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection features affordable luxury for everyone. With simple timeless designs, perfect for smaller spaces, first-time buyers or someone looking to downsize.

Dream Maker Collection

The Dream Maker range makes owning a hot tub even easier, offering incredible features, style, & affordability.

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Not Quite What You're Looking For?


Check out our range of Swim Spas,

which feature recirculating swim current jets

 as well as water temperature settings. 

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