Our BBQ Cabin range has a size to suit any garden and is the perfect space to BBQ and entertain 365 days of the year. All our BBQ Cabins are built here in the UK using sustainable Scandinavian Redwood Pine. Full installation is included in our price and we use our own time served fitters.


ClearSpring Filtration System


A brand new filtration design for Hydropool's Serenity Range:

- Ultra Flow Grill: Allows the maximum flow of water, quickly removing debris from your hot tub.

- Wave Filter Design: Unique design maximises the surface area and captures debris more efficiently.


SBS Modified Roofing Shingle


Available in three colour choices and guaranteed for 40 years, able to withstand all weathers; rain, shine, and snow.

You'll have peace of mind that your BBQ Cabin will be a safe haven from the UK weather.

Patented Sloping-Wall Design

Our sloping-wall design allows you to recline as you enjoy your cabin, as well as keeping the footprint of the cabin small, while maximising internal space.

Double-Glazed, Opening Windows

Keep the heat in during winter, and allow the breeze in during Summer, the cabin is designed to be used 365 days of the year.

Much More Inside...


With a high-quality central BBQ unit, bench seating, fold-away camp beds, reindeer skins, and all the accessories you'll ever need!

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Available in multiple sizes...

Whatever the size of your garden, there's sure to be a BBQ Cabin for you.

Available in four different sizes:

7m², 10m², 14m², 17m²

44mm Slow-Grown Redwood


44mm tongue and groove construction, with a 10-year guarantee. 

Keeping the heat in on cold winter days, 

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10m² BBQ Shown - Available in 7m², 14m², 17m²

What's Included:

High-Quality Centralised BBQ 


As a BBQ and a woodburning stove, this makes your BBQ Cabin the ideal place to eat, drink, and socialise, all while keeping warm by the fire. 

Comes complete with six detachable lap trays, griddle, teapot, cutlery, and cups!

Reindeer Skins & Cushions

To really bring home the Scandinavian feel, the cabin comes with a Reindeer skin for each bench seat, as well as plush custom cushions, so you can BBQ in comfort!

Airflow, for the perfect fire...

Our BBQ Cabins are specially adapted to allow for the perfect amount of airflow, up through the base of the BBQ and straight up and out of the central chimney.

This maintains the perfect BBQ conditions, and keeps your Cabin smoke free.

All the accessories...

The BBQ Cabin comes with all the accessories you'll need, as well as storage space for any extras:

- Cups & Cutlery

- Placemats

- Clock

- Thermometer

- Matches

- bottle Opener

-Fire Extinguisher

- Carbon Monoxide Alarm

LED Lighting

Should you wish to brighten things up, our cabins can be supplied with remote-controlled, LED,  colour-changing lighting.

7m² BBQ Cabin


Price £ 8,800

Reserve with a £99 deposit

Monthly finance payments from:


10m² BBQ Cabin


Price £ 9,800

Reserve with a £99 deposit

Monthly finance payments from:


14m² BBQ Cabin


Price £ 12,800

Reserve with a £99 deposit

Monthly finance payments from:


17m² BBQ Cabin


Price £ 13,800

Reserve with a £99 deposit

Monthly finance payments from:


0% Buy Now - Pay Later Available on all BBQ Cabins