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Find Your Perfect Swim Spa

Hydropool is a Leader & Pioneer in manufacturing, design, and engineering
of Swim Spas and Swim Flow Technology.

Cross Training in a Swim Spa

Our Swim Spas not only provide the ultimate swimming experience, they are also ideal for Aquatic Fitness, Therapeutic Hydrotherapy, and the overall

family fun experience of a swimming pool.

No matter the Collection, our Swim Spas are easy to maintain and retain temperature throughout seasons.

Jet speed can be adjusted to suit your needs, whether you are new to swimming or a seasoned professional.

Other swim spas on the market do not get anywhere near our speeds, requiring swimmers to use a swim tether. Our jets propel so much water at such speeds that you'll never need a tether!

We offer wet tests at our Swim Spa Test Centre for a unique try-before-you-buy experience. We are the only store in the North of England to offer this service! Not every Swim Spa will be the right fit for our customers- so we pair each hour long test with our expert knowledge and advice from personal experience (yes, we actually love to swim!) to guide our customers.

Variable Speeds in Action.

Executive Collection Models

The Executive Range does not raise the bar, it is the bar. Available in Sport and Trainer configurations, to tailor the swim to your abilities. Streamlined swim areas, for the smoothest swim on the market. For the advanced or competitive swimmer.

Aquatic Collection Models

An ideal aquatic gym for the everyday athlete, with Slipstream Jet Technology, ideal for those wanting to keep in shape through a variety of workouts. Available in Sport & Trainer configurations, for intermediate or advanced swimmer.

Play Collection Model

Small in Size, but Full of Fun. The perfect family fun pool- swim, splash, play, and exercise.

A great all-rounder, in a more compact configuration.


Don't Know Where to Begin?

Free Swim Spa Buyer's Guide


Confused or daunted about where to begin your Swim Spa journey? Download our exclusive Hydropool North West Swim Spa Buyer's Guide to learn what to look for in a Swim Spa purchase. Packed with comparison info on our range of swim spas including size comparisons, energy cost comparisons, and why great insulation is key to lower energy consumption with swim spas! Includes handy fill-in the blank Swim Spa Buyer's Checklist / Swim Spa Comparison sheet.


Learn More About Our Swim Spa Technology

Self Cleaning System
The Hydropool Self-Cleaning system makes maintenance for your swim spa easy and worry-free, giving you complete control over your water care and letting you concentrate on what matters most: swimming.

The surface skimmer, floor vacuum, 75ft removable core micro filter, and in-line chemical feeder keep your swim spa clean and ready for you all year round.
V-Twin Swim Jets
After 3 years of research and development, and 35 years of manufacturing swim spas, Hydropool have perfected a high flow, low turbulence current.
This smooth flow of water allows the swimmer to train longer and harder than ever before. The closest simulation to swimming in a still body of water on the market.

We are both absolutely loving the swim spa and gazebo, especially with my husband's diagnosis of Parkinson's the swim spa really helps him relax and is also fantastic exercise. Now we can use it every day, come rain or shine.

This has helped Stephen so much and this is the longest period he has been out of hospital and I'm sure the spa has helped his and my wellbeing.

J. Walton

A Swim Spa under a glass roof gazebo
Gazebo with blinds housing a Hydropool Swim Spa
Clean, blue water in a Swim Spa

Not Quite What You're Looking For?


Check out our range of Hot Tubs,

which feature advanced hydrotherapy,

unmatched comfort, and unparalleled design. 

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