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Self-Cleaning 720

The expansive Hydropool 720 hot tub comfortably seats a party of 6-7, with room for everyone to enjoy state-of-the-art jets, two Hydrotherapy jet pumps, and four zones with patented wellness programs and Hydro Ther Control. It also features advanced innovations like the triple thermal shield insulation system, 100% filtration for cleaner safer water and the optional PureWater System to make the soaking experience headache-free.




Platinum 55

Seating Design

Barrier Free

Energy Efficiency


Shell Options

Alpine Mist

Pure White

Tuscan Sun

Silver Marble

Black Opal

Midnight Canyon

Cabinet Options



99.06cm Deep Model Specs.

Outer Dimensions: 228.6 x 228.6 x 99.06

Volume: 1,515L

Weight Full: 1,902kg

The World’s Only
Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

Our First Step in Saving Time and Energy 

HydroClean Filtration Jets Provide Optimised Surface Filtration 

The unique design of our Hydropool hot tub shell and strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water, pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer and pre-filter, boosting the efficiency of our Self-Cleaning system, and leaving the water surface clean and clear.


Not Sure Where to Begin

Your Dream Hot Tub Journey?

It can be overwhelming searching the internet high and low without strong direction in regards to your wants or needs! Let us help with your research. Dive deeper into the connection between insulation and energy consumption, our  pump efficiency, sound level comparisons against other tubs, and more! Includes monthly cost comparisons across our tub range and handy fill-in the blank Hot Tub Buyer's Checklist / Hot Tub Comparison sheet.

The Thermal Shield System

Looking for Energy Efficient Hot Tubs Near Manchester?

We understand the importance of saving energy, and saving pounds. Our hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured in Canada, therefore can survive their harshest winters.
While Manchester's climate may not reach the Canadian extremes of -20°C, our spas are designed to provide exceptional energy savings year-round, keeping your energy bills reasonable without compromising on comfort or style.

See Why We Are a Cut Above the Rest with our Exclusive 2024 Energy Efficiency Guide


Found the One?

Explore in Person

Stress-Free Purchasing

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