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New 2024 Self-Cleaning Collection 

Our all-new Self-Cleaning Collection offers 8 hot tubs, accommodating from 3 to 8 people. Our Self Cleaning Collection is the culmination of 40 years of Hydropool’s innovation as an industry leader. Choose from a wealth of finishing options to find a hot tub that fits your space and style.

New features include: easily interchangeable cabinet style with all new colours, deeper seating with bigger footwell, height adjustable head rests, removable ice bucket/snack tray, new floor vacuum design, new exterior recessed lighting, and even an improved filtration process with a new micro-filtration step!

HP23-2024-Signature-779-Hot-Tub-Winter-Cottage-Install-Pages-1-2-Image8283 (1).jpg

New 2024 Hydropool Self-Cleaning Cabinet Colours

The World's Only Patented Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

The Improved Hydropool Self-Cleaning System

1. Hydroclean Filtration Jets


Strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water around the hot tub which pushes all floating debris towards the High Flow Skimmer.

2. High Flow Skimmer

Removes floating debris, prevents large debris from clogging pumps & heaters which extends the life of the filters.

3. Fast Flow Filter

Removes oils, soaps & lotions. Prevents build up in the pumps & heater, excess foam, and scum lines.

4. Hydroclean Floor Vacuum


Built in, so no need to vacuum the hot tub. Circulates water care products more effectively. Part of our Quick Drain System.

5. PureWater System


Designed to keep your  Hydropool Hot Tub water clean and clear the way nature intended. Preventative system designed to intercept problems.

6. Pressurised Micro-Filtration

Polishes water, filtering the smallest particles. Microban filtering helps prevent growth of bacteria in the filter area. Easy to access, easy to clean.

7. Worry-Free Water Care System


Strategically placed. Easy to use and out of sight. Cleans 100% of water every 10 minutes.

Our Self-Cleaning Collection provides a host of exclusive features that give you the ultimate hot tub experience. With unique hydrotherapy massage and wellness programs, the patented self-cleaning system, plus money-saving energy efficiency, you won’t find a more feature packed tub. Our Greater Manchester team will be happy to explain all new features in depth at our at Hydropool North West Notcutts Show Site. 


New Ice Bucket with Snack Tray

New Circular Floor Vacuum

New Micro-filtration Step!

Gold vs Platinum Models in Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

Additional Upgrade Packages
for 2024 Self-Cleaning Collection

Hot Tub Zone Therapy & Benefits

Just like an iceberg, Hydropool hot tubs offer more than meets the eye. Our Zone Therapy system, built on a foundation of scientific research, tailors your hot tub experience to your specific needs. We understand that everyone reacts differently to hydrotherapy. To help you get the most out of your soak, we've created a clear breakdown of the four key elements that define each zone.

Zone 1 - Core

Paravertebral muscles.


Designed to release tension in your dorsal muscles which can help relax your vertebrae, lessening tension.

Zone 2 - Overall Body

Leg and lumbar muscles.

This zone helps to promote improved circulation in lower parts of the body which allows for increased blood flow.

Zone 3 - Upper Body 

Upper back, neck & shoulders.


This zone eliminates tension in trapezoid muscles and neck, specifically releasing tensions in solar plex area. 

Zone 4 - Reflexology

Foot arch muscles.


This zone is designed to deeply massage the small venous areas in your foot arch. 


Not Sure Where to Begin

Your Dream Hot Tub Journey?

It can be overwhelming searching the internet high and low without strong direction in regards to your wants or needs! Let Hydropool North West help with your research. Dive deeper into the connection between insulation and energy consumption, our  pump efficiency, sound level comparisons against other tubs, and more! Includes monthly cost comparisons across our tub range and handy fill-in the blank Hot Tub Buyer's Checklist / Hot Tub Comparison sheet.

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